Nasdaq Point of Presence (POP)

Nasdaq Point of Presence (POP) provides customers a fast, convenient, and cost-effective way to connect to our markets. Through our POP service, Nasdaq offers our customers redundant high-speed, low latency fiber network handoffs in strategic financial data centers to extend our world-class service outside of our primary data center in Carteret, NJ (Equinix NY11). Nasdaq Canada customers connect to our production environment in Toronto, Ontario, Canada via a POP in the Equinix TR2 facility.

Our POPs give customers the ability to simply cross-connect to the Nasdaq network and receive all of our market data access and order entry capabilities as they would in our primary data centers in NY11 and TR2. Previously, customers would have had to either purchase a dedicated telecommunication circuit, or contract with a vendor to connect from outside of our primary data centers.

Nasdaq has North American POP locations in Secaucus, NJ, USA (Equinix NY4), Chicago, IL, USA (Equinix CH4), Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Equinix TR2), and Markham, Ontario, Canada (TMX - MKM).

Secaucus POP

Our Secaucus POP is located within the Equinix NY4 facility at 755 Secaucus Rd, Secaucus, NJ.

Chicago POP

The Chicago POP is located within the Equinix CH4 facility at 350 E. Cermak Rd, 8th floor, Chicago, IL.

The CH4 facility is designated as Nasdaq’s North American official Disaster Recovery (DR) site. Nasdaq’s DR facilities are "hot" sites in which customers can both receive market data and send orders even when the production matching engine is live

Toronto POP

The Toronto POP is located within the Equinix TR2 facility at 45 Parliament St., Toronto, Ontario M5A 0G7 Canada.

Markham POP

The Markham POP is located within the TMX facility at 3500 Steeles Ave., Markham, Ontario L3R, Canada.

Flexible POP Options:

  • Nasdaq Markets and Third Party Data Services (where available) via 1Gbps Ultra or 10Gbps
  • Nasdaq NFI Only via 1Gbps Ultra
  • Nasdaq NFX Only via 1Gbps Ultra or 10Gbps
  • Nasdaq Canada Only via 1Gbps Ultra or 10Gbps

Order Today!

POP handoffs can be ordered through our customer portal the Nasdaq CoLo & Connectivity Console. Customers who place orders through the portal will receive a Letter of Authorization (LOA) from Nasdaq. The LOA will allow customers to subsequently request a cross connect from the remote data center provider. Contact CoLo Admin if you don’t have access to our CoLo & Connectivity Console.

Customers who do not have a presence in NY4, CH4 or TR2 can either connect through an extranet, ISV or an approved telco provider. Clients who wish to have new dedicated telco circuits installed can contact any of these connectivity providers (note this is not an exhaustive list).