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Nasdaq Global Data Products is focused on creating innovative data products that provide superior market transparency to institutional, retail and individual investors, and are designed to meet industry challenges. Product offerings include real-time data feeds, web-based reports and plug-and-play technology for instant access to market data. Covering the exchanges in the United States, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Iceland, Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius. Global Data Products is an award-winning source for market information worldwide.

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Nasdaq Global Data Products has offices worldwide to better respond to the needs and requests of customers:

QuestionsAmericasEurope, Africa, Asia
Information on New or Existing Products+1 301 978 5307, Option #1
+45 33 93 33 66
Market Data Billing Issues+1 800 955 3898
+45 33 93 33 66
Reporting, Agreements and Other Administrative Questions+1 301 978 5307, Option #2
+45 33 93 33 66
Data Product Management and Data Feed Content Issues
+45 33 93 33 66
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