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The Nasdaq DataStore is a showcase for Nasdaq's innovative and premier data products.

For investors, DataStore offers access to Nasdaq’s newest and most innovative data products via a secured web-based interface.

For market data redistributors, online brokerages and other market participant firms, DataStore offers ready-made displays that can be easily integrated with existing Nasdaq data products. Using the DataStore plug-and-play technology, firms can vastly improve the time-to-market for new Nasdaq data content.

The DataStore provides all traders with instant access to our plug-and-play technology for market data. This is the first time a U.S. stock exchange has allowed the opportunity for direct purchase of this breadth of data directly via the Web.


Current Offerings

Nasdaq DataStore offers web-based access to the following display products:

  • Net Order Imbalance Indicator (NOII) – View Nasdaq crossing data to participate in the Nasdaq Opening Cross, Closing Cross, IPO Cross and Halt Cross. Use this information to find liquidity and predict cross prices before they occur. NOII positively impacts a traders’ ability to perform effectively in a highly competitive environment.


  • BookViewer – BookViewer is powered by Nasdaq TotalView and provides one way to display the powerful full depth of book data. Showcasing all the buy and sell orders in Nasdaq for securities listed on Nasdaq, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the American Stock Exchange (MKT), BookViewer helps traders track pockets of liquidity over time, understand how orders are distributed throughout the market, identify new trading opportunities and pursue unique trading strategies.


  • Nasdaq Market ReplaySM – Market ReplaySM is an extremely powerful replay and analysis tool, allowing users to view the consolidated order book and trade data for Nasdaq-, NYSE- and MKT-listed securities at any point in time. Trade support and Compliance desks can use Market ReplaySM to help validate best execution and Reg NMS compliance. Brokers and traders can use the tool to reconstruct the events around their trade to determine whether there was a missed opportunity or an unforeseen event. Brokers can send clients a Nasdaq-validated screen shot of the moment their particular trade occurred, confirming the quality of the execution and reducing the number of customer inquiries.


Nasdaq is constantly expanding its product offerings on DataStore. Please visit the Data Store website for detailed descriptions about current and upcoming product offerings.

Access Options

Nasdaq DataStore offers real-time access to Nasdaq display products.


The DataStore prices vary by product offering. Please refer to the DataStore website ( for details.

Product News & Updates

For product news or more information on DataStore products in development, please register with Nasdaq DataStore website.

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