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OUCH To Trade Options (OTTO)


OTTO provides customers with a fast and highly efficient way to connect to Nasdaq for trading options.

This protocol allows subscribers to efficiently enter options orders into and receive executions from Nasdaq. OTTO, like OUCH, was developed with simplicity in mind — subscribers and their software developers can integrate Nasdaq into their proprietary trading systems or build custom front-ends to Nasdaq.

OTTO accepts limit orders from system subscribers, and if there is a matching order, the orders will execute. Non-matching orders are added to the limit order book, a database of available limit orders, where they are matched in price-time priority. OTTO only provides a method for subscribers to send orders and receive status updates on those orders.

Technical Specifications can be accessed on the Options Specifications page.

Benefits and Features

  • Efficiency and low-latency
  • High level of performance
  • Ease of use
  • Delivery of real-time execution information (DROP)

Who Can Participate

To use OTTO, firms must be Nasdaq Options Market participants.

How to Subscribe

Nasdaq market participants can subscribe for new connectivity or update an existing service by completing the Nasdaq Options Port Request Form (PDF) and fax it to Nasdaq Subscriber Services at 212.231.5426.


Subscribers can access Nasdaq directly or through the use of a third-party approved Direct Connectivity or Extranet Provider (PDF).

Technical Support

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