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Global Data Products - Derivatives Data Products

Nasdaq is recognized as a industry leader for low latency, high value data products. As outlined below, Nasdaq offers a full range of real-time market data and analytical products for the U.S. derivatives markets. Through these innovative data products, Nasdaq provides investors and traders with the necessary tools to identify market trends and make educated trading decisions.

Nasdaq offers proprietary data products based on leading market information from the NASDAQ Options Market, Nasdaq PHLX (PHLX) and the Nasdaq Futures Exchange (NASDAQ Futures).

Trading firms and market data vendors may create a real-time display by processing direct Nasdaq data feed products. For detailed technical documentation for Nasdaq direct products, please refer to the Market Data technical specifications page.

Individual investors and traders may access real-time data through a number of authorized Nasdaq market data distributors. Refer to the Market Data Vendors page for a complete list of companies.

For more information, please contact Nasdaq Global Data Products at +1 301 978 5307 .

U.S. Derivatives Markets

Market Data Entitlement Issue Types Market of Origination Market by Order Market by price level NOII for
NASDAQ Crosses
NASDAQ Options Market
Best of NASDAQ Options (BONO) NASDAQ NASDAQ Options Market   BBO   X
NASDAQ ITCH to Trade Options (ITTO) NASDAQ NASDAQ Options Market Full depth of quotes and orders   X X
Nasdaq PHLX
PHLX Depth of Market PHLX Nasdaq PHLX Full depth of quotes and orders   X X
Top of PHLX Options (TOPO) PHLX Nasdaq PHLX   BBO   X
TOPO Plus Orders PHLX Nasdaq PHLX Full limit order book BBO   X
NASDAQ Futures Exchange (NASDAQ Futures)
NASDAQ Futures Depth of Market Futures NASDAQ Futures Full depth of quotes and orders   X X
NASDAQ Futures Top of Market Futures NASDAQ Futures   BBO   X

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