Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Data Technical News #2020 - 3
Wilmington Trust, National Association Collective Investment Trust – CIT Historical NAV Load

Markets Impacted:

Product Impacted:

  • NFN Data Vendors

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What you need to know:

On February 19, 2020 and February 20, 2020, Nasdaq loaded historical data for 26 Collective Investment Trusts (CITs). The file for this large data set can be downloaded HERE.

What was loaded?

Nasdaq loaded the historical data for 26 instruments on February 19, 2020 and February 20, 2020. To ensure that vendors have complete data sets, we have posted the valuation file HERE.

What symbols are impacted?

Symbol CUSIP Instrument Name
WABLCX 97181N221 CIT: AB US Large Cap Growth CIT (W Series) Class P-1
WABMCX 97182D305 CIT: AB Multi-Mgr Retirement Trust 2010 Fund (W Series) Class T
WABMGX 97182D701 CIT: AB Multi-Mgr Retirement Trust 2020 Fund (W Series) Class T
WABMIX 97182D883 CIT: AB Multi-Mgr Retirement Trust 2025 Fund (W Series) Class T
WABMKX 97182D867 CIT: AB Multi-Mgr Retirement Trust 2030 Fund (W Series) Class T
WABMMX 97182D842 CIT: AB Multi-Mgr Retirement Trust 2035 Fund (W Series) Class T
WABMOX 97182D826 CIT: AB Multi-Mgr Retirement Trust 2040 Fund (W Series) Class T
WABMQX 97182D792 CIT: AB Multi-Mgr Retirement Trust 2045 Fund (W Series) Class T
WABMSX 97182D776 CIT: AB Multi-Mgr Retirement Trust 2050 Fund (W Series) Class T
WABMUX 97182D750 CIT: AB Multi-Mgr Retirement Trust 2055 Fund (W Series) Class T
WABMWX 97182D735 CIT: AB Multi-Mgr Retirement Trust 2060 Fund (W Series) Class T
WCGABX 00211R816 CIT: Callan Glidepath 2010 Fund Class R6
WCGACX 00211R774 CIT: Callan Glidepath 2015 Fund Class R6
WCGADX 00211R741 CIT: Callan Glidepath 2020 Fund Class R6
WCGAEX 00211R717 CIT: Callan Glidepath 2025 Fund Class R6
WCGAFX 00211R675 CIT: Callan Glidepath 2030 Fund Class R6
WCGAGX 00211R642 CIT: Callan Glidepath 2035 Fund Class R6
WCGAHX 00211R618 CIT: Callan Glidepath 2040 Fund Class R6
WCGAIX 00211R576 CIT: Callan Glidepath 2045 Fund Class R6
WCGAJX 971814173 CIT: Callan Glidepath 2050 Fund Class R6
WCGAKX 971814132 CIT: Callan Glidepath 2055 Fund Class R6
WCGALX 971820675 CIT: Callan Glidepath 2060 Fund Class R6
WMCAKX 97182C240 CIT: MyCompass Index Moderate 2025 Fund Class I
WTIXJX 97182E790 CIT: Wilmington Trust Franklin Dynatech CIT Class R
WTIXKX 97182D594 CIT: Core Plus Bond Fund I1 Class I1
WTLRQX 97182D560 CIT: Core Plus Bond Fund R1 Class R1

What do customers need to do?

The Vendors should pull down the provided data file and apply the history to the appropriate instruments.
The posted file is in Excel CSV file format, if you need a different format please reach out to NFN Ops for the format your firm needs to load this data.

Where can I get additional information?

Contact NFN Operations at +1 301 978 5307 (Option #6).

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