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Nasdaq offers many of its direct data feed products in a UDP/IP protocol option. Please refer to Nasdaq Global Data Products - Direct Data Feeds page for product description and technical interface documentation for the U.S. based products.

As a service to network providers, Nasdaq maintains a consolidated list of IP addresses for its UDP/IP services. Please note that Nasdaq reserves the right to modify this IP address information as needed for network and operational reasons.

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Nasdaq - Global Indexes:

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Nasdaq - Global Indexes

Nasdaq Global Index Data Service 2.0 (GIDS)
UDP/IP Protocol Standard: MoldUDP64
Symbology Compliant: Yes
Anticipated Release Date: May 7, 2012
Vendor Alert: Data Technical News #2011-27
Site Channel/Purpose Group Port Source IP Address
New York Metro Area "A" - U.S. Broadcast - Single Channel 55370
  Rerequest   55070
New York Metro Area "B" - U.S. Broadcast - Single Channel 55372
  Rerequest   55072
Mid-Atlantic Area - U.S. Broadcast - Single Channel 55371
  Rerequest   55071


Nasdaq - Fund Data

Nasdaq Fund Network Data Service (NFN Data Service)
UDP/IP Protocol Standard: IP Multicast
Symbology Compliant: N/A
Initial Release Date: January 20, 2004
Multicast Group Channel/Purpose Class D Multicast Address Port Source IP Address
Primary Group MFDS 55354
Secondary Group MFDS 55355


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